Why free? An open letter to the small business owner

I have been asked a few times why we have released Easylister for free...and what is the catch? Therefore I am going to share the reasons behind my vision to help you understand what we are trying to achieve.

When I first conceived the idea behind EasyLister, I did intended to charge for using the software. However as I developed the idea the more it became apparent to me that e-commerce in New Zealand needed something different, something to help those of you just starting out (we have long been helping those already at the top). This is when I developed the idea to make Easylister completely free.

I see EasyLister much like an orchard. When an orchard is started, you need to clear the land and prepare the ground for seeds. I see this as akin to my staff and I spending 6 months working (often long hours) to get EasyLister built and tested.

Then the land is sown with seeds, much like when our new users sign up to EasyLister.

In an orchard, the seeds must be cared for - watered, fertilized, etc. With this care, they will grow into small plants. As with EasyLister, we need to care for small businesses that sign up to and this means give them support and assistance to help them use the system when they ask for it. We have seen companies grow and succeed using our tools in the past, we often know what can work and what does not, and can offer advice on how to grow online businesses. With this guidance, these businesses will grow.

In an orchard, plants will grow to become strong trees, and in time they will produce fruit. As with EasyLister, when the businesses using our system have grown we hope they will be in a position to benefit from, and become even more successful, by using the features of our licensed software OMINS. Some may even get to a stage where we can make them customized systems just for their business.

Either way, I am sharing in the success of the companies we help to grow. Helping people to grow and succeed with their on-line e-commerce businesses was a large reason I started Snipesoft in the first-place. I am confident that we can help many small businesses get started and grow with EasyLister. I want to help them to succeed, and when they do I hope to share in their success.

This is my vision behind EasyLister (and our other upcoming tools EasyWholesale and EasyStores.) If you are a small business looking to grow your online business, these tools are available for you to use for free. We are giving them to you let you automate some those repetitive tasks so you can spend more time working on growing your business. I want to see you succeed, and with EasyLister, EasyWholesale and EasyStores, I believe you can.

(P.S. Appologies to anyone that runs an orchard if this is not how an orchard actually works. It's just how I imagine it happens... :) )

Kind Regards
Snipesoft Ltd

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