For many small- and medium- sized Trade Me sellers, the auction software previously available was too complex, too expensive, and simply not worth the time. Now, with EasyLister, sellers of all sizes have access to a program that will save time and make money- that takes care of the listing so you can take care of the things that matter.

EasyLister features mass auction updates, the ability to prepare your auctions and schedule listing times in advance, and lots more-- all for free!

With it's free price tag, EasyWholesale and EasyStore integration, and large number of features there's simply nothing to beat it. Click through below to see why EasyLister is the ultimate solution for Trade Me sellers.


Products view - the list of products you have set up, with a selection being bulk-updated.


EasyLister is completely free to use! There are no hidden fees, no artificial "listing limits" and no additional cost to you. The cost of other listing tools has kept many TradeMe sellers from reaping the benefits of automated auction listings. EasyLister provides these important tools without any money out of pocket from the sellers.

Saves you time and work

EasyLister does the work for you! You can schedule times for listings to start and end, automatically offer a fixed price to watchers, and set up relisting preferences. With EasyLister, you only have to do the work once and let the items sell. Items will continue to list and offer according to your preferences until the stock level indicated reaches zero.

No more endless repetition, no more rushing to the computer in order to list at the optimum time. And if you use EasyWholesale integration to add to your product range -- you won't even have to do the packing and shipping! EasyLister can do it all!

Allows you to easily schedule your auctions at no charge

EasyLister allows you to start and end auctions exactly when you want. Simply enter your time preferences into the products' details and the work's done for you - without incurring any Trade Me scheduled end fees!

Furthermore, as EasyLister is completely web-based, your computer doesn't even have to be switched on to list. EasyLister takes away the worry and the hassle that comes with effective auction scheduling.

Allows you to prepare your auctions before you list

With EasyLister, you can enter all your product details before you list. Enter the product information and pricing levels when YOU find convenient, not when you want to list. EasyLister allows you to plan ahead and keep organised- and combined with EasyLister's ability to schedule auctions, it cuts your work in half (or more)!

Features Mass Auction Updates

Changing little details in a lot of auctions is nothing but a hassle- but EasyLister takes all that hassle away! With EasyLister, you can update stock levels, categories, payment methods, shipping options, and much more for any number of products at one time with just a few clicks of the mouse. EasyLister really does make your life easier!

Brings in more profits

EasyLister's price tag (free!) isn't the only wallet-saving advantage. EasyLister offers automation options for listing, re-listing, and fixed priced offers. Now, you'll never have to worry about losing profits if you're not able to be at your computer- with EasyLister you can set your preferences and let it do all the work. Plus, EasyLister's integration with EasyWholesale and EasyStores presents even more profitable opportunities.

EasyWholesale gives you the opportunity to expand your product range. More products will lead to more customers... leading to more money in your pocket! Your EasyStore gives you the opportunity to extend your client base outside of TradeMe users. You can now offer your products to anyone- Trade Me member or not.

Provides wholesale product sourcing with EasyWholesale

Not only can EasyLister take all the work out of the listing process, we can provide you with products to sell-- and we'll even do the packing and shipping! EasyLister's integration with EasyWholesale is an excellent opportunity for first-time TradeMe sellers, or for established traders wishing to expand their product range.

All you have to do is set up your listing and provide the buyer's delivery details – no printing address labels, no boxes of packing materials cluttering your home or office... just extra money in your pocket.

Features one-off listing creation

With EasyLister, you no longer have to write out your product details each time you list an item. Simply enter in the product and listing details and set your preferences. EasyLister will store these details under your account so you can use it again and again- without the hassle and repetition.

Allows for simple stock control

EasyLister allows you to enter the number of items you have and will keep track of the amount of your stock remaining. What with multiple listings, fixed priced offers, and re-listings; stock control can be a huge headache for any TradeMe seller. EasyLister will keep track of the numbers sold and will stop listing and/or offering fixed prices when the stock count reaches zero.

Is PC and Mac compatible

EasyLister is a web-based system, and therefore not dependent on the operating system your computer uses. Whether you have a Mac or a PC-- as long as the computer is connected to the internet, you'll be able to use EasyLister. To put it simply, if you're reading this now- EasyLister will work on your computer!

Can be used by multiple users

EasyLister can be used by multiple users- simultaneously. With EasyLister, you and others within your business can log into and use EasyLister at the same time. Do two things at once, cut your time spent in half!

Is made by Snipesoft -- the people who created OMINS

EasyLister comes from the same people who created OMINS- the professional listing system that seven out of ten of the top TradeMe stores use.

We have the expertise and experience behind us to bring you the absolute best application for small and medium sized sellers. We know your needs, we know how to deliver them, and we have the success of our OMINS customers to prove it. Best of all, if you find your online business has outgrown EasyLister, upgrading to OMINS is easy and hassle-free! Your profile can easily be transferred over- no need to start from scratch due to larger sales!

Synchronises with your free EasyStore

EasyStore is another new product coming soon from Snipesoft. Your EasyStore is an automatically generated e-store just for your products. Each product you list on EasyLister can be listed on your EasyStore as well. You will have your own URL that you can give to anyone you wish, providing you with a simple sales interface outside of TradeMe. EasyStore will synchronise with stock levels, product details, and pricing from your EasyLister profile.

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